When in Killarney, try the Boxty at Bricin!

Boxty is the Irish version of a potato pancake. The pancake is folded over a filling – either meat or veggies or both. On our recent trip to Ireland, my wife Halina and I tried Boxty in Dublin and also at a restaurant in Killarney. I have to say, if you’re ever in Killarney, a trip to Bricin (Brih-KEEN) for dinner is a must. They offer a two-course early bird menu that worked real well for us. I ordered a starter and a main course, and Halina ordered a main course and dessert. We shared the starter and dessert, which was just enough food for us – we hate to order lots of food when traveling because we can’t box it to take home. The Boxty was delicious, as was the nut loaf the restaurant offers. So if you want great Irish food, atmosphere and hospitality – and you happen to be in Killarney, try Bricin!