The preinterview: The key to a successful legacy video interview.

Organization and preparation are the keys to any successful video shoot, and legacy video interviews are no exception. This is especially true when planning the questions for your video biography session. After all, your life story is unique, and only a set of custom questions designed to elicit the details of your life will do. The key to crafting those questions is the preinterview.

Basically, a preinterview is a discussion we’ll have as we begin planning for your shoot. It takes the form of a casual conversation, or conversations, and can be conducted either face-to-face or over the phone. During the preinterview, I’ll learn just what you want to talk about, as well as the details of your stories. I’ll use that information to draft questions that relate specifically to you and your stories.

Doing my homework with a preinterview helps us to work efficiently once the cameras are recording. Not only will I know what to ask, but because I’ll already be aware of the details of your stories, I’ll be able to prompt you for more information if I catch you overlooking any important facts.

So, as you see, a little homework in the form of a preinterview can guarantee a smooth, successful and enjoyable interview – for all involved.