Family Legacy Video® gives King Tet’s Record Rescuers two thumbs up.

About five years ago I purchased a USB turntable in order to transfer some of my wife’s cherished childhood records to CD. One of those records was an old 78 RPM recording from the early 1900s. The other was a 45 RPM disc from the 1950s. Was I able to transfer the recordings? Well, yes. But they were noisy as heck. Quite honestly, they were unlistenable. And no matter what I tried with the software I had available, I couldn’t clean them up.

Fast forward to this past Christmas. I vowed to try again. But I’m a video guy, so I thought this time I’d search for a company experienced in vinyl to digital audio transfers. The Internet led me to Eric Van der Wyk. Eric is based in San Diego and runs a variety of companies under the King Tet Productions umbrella. Three of those companies focus on transferring audio from old media to audio cds: Record Rescuers, Custom Audio CDs, and His prices were pretty reasonable, so I decided to give him a try.

A week after trusting Halina’s records to the mail, I got them back, along with a CD. With fingers firmly crossed, I popped the disc into my CD player. To my amazement, the songs that emanated from my speakers were crystal-clear and noise-free. At that moment I decided that Erik would be my “go-to guy” for any other jobs like this.

So if you’d like to resurrect your old records, give Record Rescuers a try. I think you’ll be glad you did.