Legacy Video Lounge Podcast – LVL 24: Talkin’ Legacy Videos with Steve Pender – Pt. 3

family legacy video
Award-winning news reporter and magazine feature writer Elena Acoba continues her discussion with Family Legacy Video, Inc. president and award-winning legacy video producer Steve Pender.

In Part 3, the focus turns to the legacy video production process.

Questions Steve addresses in this segment include:

• How does someone hire Family Legacy Video, Inc.?
• Please provide an overview of the legacy video production process.
• How much does a legacy video cost?
• How long does it take from contract signing to delivery?
• What decisions does someone have to make before starting a legacy video project?
• How do you ease a reluctant storyteller’s concerns about appearing in a legacy video?
• How much control do a client and storyteller have over the finished legacy video?
• Does an interview have to be done all at one time?

Note: Some pricing has changed slightly since this segment was recorded.

Elena and Steve conclude their discussion about the legacy video production process in Part 4.

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