Legacy Video Lounge Podcast – LVL 25: Talkin’ Legacy Videos with Steve Pender – Pt. 4

In this episode, award-winning news reporter and magazine feature writer Elena Acoba and Family Legacy Video, Inc. president and award-winning legacy video producer Steve Pender conclude their discussion about the legacy video production process.

Questions Steve addresses in this segment include:

• How do you help storytellers prepare for their life story interviews?
• How do you make storytellers look and sound their best?
• What’s the key to ensuring storytellers look and sound natural during their interviews?
• What techniques do you use to keep storytellers focused and on track?
• Do you ever shoot footage other than an interview?
• How do you successfully interview a storyteller who is nervous or has memory issues?
• What elements can give a legacy video a more high-end documentary look and feel?
• Once you start editing, is it too late to add something new?
• Do clients ever want to sit in on the editing sessions?
• Please describe the approval process.
• What control over the final legacy video does the client have?
• Have you ever created more than one legacy video for a family?

If you’d like to watch excerpts from a variety of legacy videos produced by Family Legacy Video®, you’ll find them here.