If you can shoot it or scan it, you can use it

Capturing a loved-one’s story on video is a fantastic experience. But even the most compelling interview can cause an audience to nod off if all they’re seeing is a “talking head” on the screen. A variety of visuals can help make your interview entertaining and take your video biography to a higher level.

What visuals can you incorporate into your family history video? Photos are the most obvious choice, of course, and can lend great visual impact to your family story. But, they are by no means your only option. Family films (transferred to video) can also be used to great effect. Don’t forget about letters, journal and diary entries, magazine and newspaper clippings, wedding announcements and invitations, plaques, trophies, medals, etc.

In short, anything visual that supports the story and that can be shot or scanned can be a part of your next Family Legacy Video.