Advice from a former hospice nurse: Capture your loved one on video now.

I was on the phone with a sales rep last week. We got to talking about my business and as soon as she heard what Family Legacy Video was all about, she said, “I think what you’re doing is wonderful!” Turns out that, prior to her sales career, she was a nurse at a hospice.

She went on to say that she always tried to get families of hospice patients to tape remembrances with their loved ones and that so few families did. She hated to see so many memories and family stories lost. She was very passionate about the subject; I could certainly hear the emotion in her voice.

I can only imagine how emotionally trying having a family member in hospice care can be. But I encourage you, as does the former hospice nurse with whom I spoke, to spend some of those final days or hours capturing your loved ones family stories on video. They’ll be a lasting legacy you’ll treasure for years to come.