An Orlando Legacy Experience

Many estate planners are now looking to help their clients pass along legacies of stories as well as money. I met some of these forward-thinking professionals during a recent trip to Orlando, Florida.

The event was the annual symposium held by the SunBridge Network, a unique association of estate planners devoted to helping their clients meet their life and financial goals and create legacies to pass along to their families. Interestingly, they see life stories as being a valuable element of these legacies.

A good friend of mine from my high school days is an attorney specializing in estate planning – and a member of SunBridge. I hadn’t spoken to Jeff since high school, but one day last May he ran across the Family Legacy Video Web site, saw my photo and gave me a call. Long story short, on November 11 I found myself in Orlando presenting two breakout sessions to SunBridge associates interested in the subject of video documentaries.

I had a great time sharing my passion for family legacy videos and passing along what I hope was some useful information. It was also gratifying to see how the awareness of the value of using video to preserve family stories is growing.