Capture that performance on video!

It was June 28, a few minutes past 2 PM on a hot Tucson afternoon, when I received a call from a gentleman in Wisconsin. It seems his dad, an avid amateur pianist, was hosting a house concert in Green Valley (south of Tucson) on July 1. The caller had never seen his father present a concert and was anxious to have it preserved on video. “Can you videotape the concert?” he asked.

Long story short, I spent the evening of July 1 documenting a wonderful program of Chopin performed by my client’s father for about a dozen friends. I was not only treated to some uplifting music, but also learned a few things about the history of the piano and the life of Chopin during short talks interspersed between musical selections.

I think it’s terrific that my client cared enough about his dad to preserve a record of his passion for the piano. Not only will the concert video be enjoyed now, but it will also be a valuable keepsake for future generations. And the footage can also become part of a future video biography.

So if you get the opportunity (or can make the opportunity) to capture the special talents of a loved one on video, go for it! You’ll have both a unique recording for your family to enjoy – and valuable footage you can use in a future family legacy video.