Use old family music recordings to score your video

Music can lend emotion and a sense of time and place to any video biography. And if any of the subjects of your video biographies are musicians, you may be able to use some of the music of their lives to lend a very personal touch to their video life stories.

Here are two examples:

A Family Legacy Video Workshop veteran recently finished a video biography that featured her father. Her dad had been a mandolin player and had belonged to a mandolin club during his college days. Years later, he was recorded playing and discussing his favorite tunes. This reel-to-reel audio tape was eventually copied to CD. His daughter then incorporated the words and music from this wonderful family keepsake as a featured element in her family history video.

The father of a current video biography client was an amateur musician. He wrote a tune that his daughter, an accomplished pianist, later recorded. The song, and the story behind it, will be included in the daughter’s video biography, preserving it for generations to come.

So while you’re considering what to include in a video biography, don’t overlook the opportunity to use some of those vintage family audio recordings that have been gathering dust for years. You’ll give those audio tapes new life. In turn, they’ll bring an added dimension to your production – and help you “score” with your family.