Preserve your love story for generations.

Chocolate, flowers, a heart-shaped card and a candlelit meal are all the standard trappings of a Valentine’s Day celebration. But it’s about time another item was added to the list. I’m talking about video.

Why video? Because the love story you share with your wife, partner or significant other is special and unique. It deserves to be told and preserved and shared. And video provides the perfect medium to do just that.

Here are some ideas:

Surprise your partner. Record your remembrances of your first meeting, your courtship and, if applicable, your wedding or civil union. Talk about what makes him or her special and how he/she has enriched your life. Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show. Then, add some music and photos to your on-camera appearance, put the finished video on a DVD and wrap it in a beautiful gift box. Then, play the DVD as soon as the box is opened. A romantic present like this will knock your loved one’s socks off – and his/her appreciation for the video will last long after the chocolates are gone.

Make it a team effort. Using one or two cameras, expand on the idea above by videotaping your reminiscences together. You and your sweetheart are sure to have a lot of fun during the taping – and you may even uncover a few surprises as you compare stories and memories.

Say it in pictures. If you’re a person of few words, create a photo and music montage for your partner. You might start with photos of your lives before you met, and then progress to courtship, marriage, civil union, etc. The right photos, accompanied by the perfect melody, will touch your true love’s heart and remain a valued keepsake for years to come.

Finally, don’t forget your parents! If your parents or grandparents or favorite aunts and uncles are still alive, why not preserve their love stories? They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll be creating more inspiring videos to add your family history video collection.