Start planning your video biography interview – before you take another breath

I belong to the Catalina Rotary Club here in Tucson. One of the features of our weekly lunch meetings is a segment called the “Member Moment.” During this time, one of our members takes three or four minutes to talk a little bit about his/her life. Well, last week one of our more senior members had some time in the spotlight – and he made his moment quite memorable. In a matter-of-fact way he sketched for us a life filled with adventures, both in peace and wartime; a life filled with business success and family joys and sorrows. As he returned to his seat at the table he and I happened to be sharing, the president of our club said, “Wow, what an incredible life. Have you had Steve do one of his videos about you?” “No,” the member replied. “It’s too late for that.” I immediately piped up and said, loud enough for the others to hear, “Too late? You’re still breathing aren’t you?”

Let’s face it: Capturing our stories and the stories of our loved ones on video has to be done while we’re breathing. There’s just no other time that’ll work. And yet, time and again, countless numbers of folks run out the clock. Take a gander at the obituaries in your local paper today. How many of those souls do you think recorded their stories as a legacy for their families? Chances are not many. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been approached after one of my presentations by people who’ve said, “What you’re doing is wonderful. I wish we’d created a video biography about my (father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, etc.) while he/she was alive.”

None of us knows what fate has in store for us. So if you have a parent, grandparent or other relative you want to interview, don’t wait. And if you’re old enough to have some stories to tell and some life lessons to share, there’s no time like the present to commit them to video.

So take a deep breath and get started. Do it today.