Giving archival family albums new life.

Family Legacy Video, Inc. is known for award-winning, highly-crafted custom video biographies. But a fascinating project has us delving into the print world.

It all began when we were approached by a member of a prominent Tucson family. He’d recently discovered three family photo albums bursting with images spanning over a hundred years. He was looking to have the albums reproduced in a form he could distribute to his family. Plus, he wanted to have each photo individually scanned and organized on DVDs. The job involved over 300 album pages and 800+ photos. A challenge, to be sure, but an exciting one.

The albums had been kept on a shelf, unprotected. So the first step was to obtain archival storage boxes in which to protect the fragile volumes. We then logged the contents of each book, page by page. After that, each page and each photo was carefully scanned. The process has been painstaking, but fascinating, as we’ve been treated to glimpses of Tucson, Arizona and generations of family members that have been long lost in time. The final reprints closely approximate the looks of the original albums, from the page layouts to the covers. We feel gratified to have been chosen to help the family preserve, celebrate and share its fascinating pictorial history.