Tamzin Sugiyama, Tucson, Arizona

I just watched my dad’s video and was very impressed. I know there was substantial editing, and it all came together beautifully. The photos were such a nice addition to the narrative.  The sound and lighting were perfect as well. I am so happy to have this history preserved, especially now that there is a little one on the way to appreciate it. One of the hidden benefits of this project was the search for family photos to include in the video. I really enjoyed looking through them all with my parents, and labeling them for future generations. What a treasure! I am so glad we did this now. My father has been so inspired that he has taken on a new project – he found boxes and boxes of slides in the basement of his Illinois home and has been scanning them. He’s really enjoying it and it’s been great to see those old photos too.

Cindy Gayle, Houston, Texas

To value one’s origins is to value one’s life. This legacy video will provide each generation a better understanding of their roots.  It gave me a deeper appreciation of the trials and commitments my parents made during their lifetime.  Thanks, Mr. Pender, for making this video possible and thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your story.

Curtis Wilson, Austin, Texas

We just viewed the DVD production of my parents’ life story. We are overwhelmed. The presentation and quality far exceeded all my expectations! This is now one of our most treasured belongings. Our children, and all family members now have a beautifully recorded history of a most important story. You are a true professional and we appreciate what your company has provided us. It is, indeed, PRICELESS!

Cheryl Whitfield, Houston, Texas

My husband and I watched the video you made of my parents. The quality of the visuals, the sound, and the way you had my parents so relaxed and comfortable was well displayed in the video.  I’m glad that there are companies like yours that can preserve family stories from generation to generation.  This will be a lifetime gift for my family forevermore and for our families to come.  Thank you for making my parents’ legacy a gift to our hearts.