Curtis Wilson, Austin, Texas

We just viewed the DVD production of my parents’ life story. We are overwhelmed. The presentation and quality far exceeded all my expectations! This is now one of our most treasured belongings. Our children, and all family members now have a beautifully recorded history of a most important story. You are a true professional and we appreciate what your company has provided us. It is, indeed, PRICELESS!

Cheryl Whitfield, Houston, Texas

My husband and I watched the video you made of my parents. The quality of the visuals, the sound, and the way you had my parents so relaxed and comfortable was well displayed in the video.  I’m glad that there are companies like yours that can preserve family stories from generation to generation.  This will be a lifetime gift for my family forevermore and for our families to come.  Thank you for making my parents’ legacy a gift to our hearts.

Tamzin Sugiyama, Tucson, Arizona

I can’t even begin to tell you what amazing job you did on my mom’s video and how appreciative and touched I am. I am especially impressed with how you managed to fit in all the photos I gave you. Wow. I also really liked the intro and the ending. Every single name was spelled correctly, and with a lot of those complicated names, that’s impressive. Again, your work has exceeded what I ever imagined it would be – I am so pleased!

Vivian Bell, Del Ray Beach, Florida

I have just finished watching the “Rosen Family” DVDs with my immediate family that included both my sisters, my son and my five nephews and their wives. We all were so touched and thrilled  in seeing our mother, father, aunts and uncles and especially our grandparents (who many of us did not know) on video. They  became so real and alive for us. Learning about the history of our family and the many before unheard little stories, all the details were thrilling. Seeing the pictures of all our relatives and getting to know about them somehow brought us closer together. I will be interested in talking to extended family, our cousins, after they see it and share our thoughts and feelings about “OUR FAMILY.” We so enjoyed the way that you created this. My family and I want to express our gratitude to you for this incredible and never to be forgotten experience that we can hand down to our children and grandchildren.