Barbara & Tom Kiernan, Tucson, Arizona

Your workshops were wonderful. You not only gave us the hands-on knowledge of how to create a legacy video, but shared with us your years of experience using film, music, and user-friendly computer programs that make editing possible for even normal people like us. You turned what could have been a daunting technical task into a fun-filled family project. Tom and I now have been collecting archival data and family photos from his family in Boston and mine in Michigan and California. We plan to make two family videos right now, one for each family. I think we might just be ready to give them as gifts for Christmas. Thank you for helping us make this happen!

Myra Mass, Stamford, Connecticut

I think your Guide and Music products are wonderful.  They’re a gift for my sister, who has been hounding all of us (grandparents to grandchildren) to tape our stories. This will really help her out and accomplish what is so important to her.  I’ll give her a copy of your “45 Questions” article as part of the gift when my order arrives. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from her at some point!

Mary-Lou Palmer, Tucson, Arizona

You can’t imagine what a thrill it was to see Dad running. That was an amazing thing you did for us but it meant the most to me. Thank you again and again.

Anne & Robert Lewis, Tucson, Arizona

Our dream is to produce a documentary-style production (probably on the life of my 80-yr. old father) with video, narration and so on. Your CD “Producer’s Guide” will be a great help with all the advice on lighting, sound, interviews and all the other features. It has so many things to help us organize our video and make it great!