• Legacy Video Lounge Podcast – LVL 1: A passion for personal history on video.

    Legacy Video Lounge - LVL1
    Welcome to the Legacy Video Lounge Podcast! In this first episode, you’ll meet host Steve Pender. Steve is a professional personal historian, video biographer, and president of Family Legacy Video, Inc. (https://www.familylegacyvideo.com) in Tucson, Arizona. The Legacy Video Lounge Podcast is dedicated to the proposition that everyone, and that means YOU, has a life story worth preserving, celebrating, and sharing – and that video is a great way to leave a living legacy of life stories.

    During the course of the podcast series, Steve will cover these and other topics:
    The rising awareness of the importance of preserving personal history and life stories.
    What is a video biography or legacy video?
    The benefits of video biographies?
    Tips for hiring and working with legacy video professionals.
    Hints for video biography do-it-yourselfers.

    In this episode, Steve tells how he discovered his passion for personal history on video and became a professional video biographer. He also shares a clip from his very first legacy video.

  • Legacy Video Lounge Podcast – LVL 10: The Preinterview.

    The Legacy Video Lounge, Episode 10
    In Episode 10 of The Legacy Video Lounge, video biographer and Family Legacy Video president Steve Pender describes one of the important first steps for any successful video biography – the preinterview. The preinterview is basically the “interview before the interview,” where a video biographer chats with a storyteller in an informal setting. A preinterview helps to break the ice and gives a personal historian a chance to learn the storyteller’s stories in advance of the on-camera interview. Armed with this information, the video biographer can craft questions designed to elicit specific stories. As you’ll hear, a preinterview provides other benefits as well. Here’s what Steve covers in this segment:

  • Organizing for success – Preproduction, Production, Post production
  • What is a preinterview?
  • Preinterview benefits
  • Preinterview techniques
  • After the preinterview