What a fascinating journey it’s been to capture and record the history of Emil and Kaia Blom, their children and their children! It’s taken us from Norway to the U.S. by sailing ship and then by ox and wagon through southern Minnesota to a homestead farm in southern Minnesota that became Elmhurst Farm. The journey involved photos, letters, interviews and much more. Thanks to your skills all of this was condensed to a website on a thumb drive that can be passed on to three more downstream generations (and counting). I only wish my mother could have enjoyed this journey with her children and grandchildren. We sometimes wait too long to create a family history.

On a more personal note, we enjoyed working with you on this family history. You kept us moving forward. Without you pushing us a bit, it would have been easy to make an effort like this an ongoing “work in progress.” You revisited our suggestions, accepted some and questioned others. Result: A history that had a good balance of pictures, written materials, and spoken histories, including descendants born and raised on Elmhurst Farm.

Bob & Mary Lou Gunderson, Des Moines, Iowa