Dear Steve,

In what ways am I pleased with the family history website you produced for us? Let me count the ways:

Your responsiveness – when I sent you an item, you promptly acknowledged receiving it. When I asked a question, you promptly answered. You were amenable to suggestions / corrections.

Your carefulness – when family members gave you pictures or memorabilia, you carefully kept and returned them intact. You would double check the correctness of labels and spellings.

Your efficiency – somehow you managed to keep straight and collate a whole pile of photos and remembrances sent by multiple family members. You managed the duplications and the overlaps to produce a coherent story.

Your engagement – I had the feeling that you were truly interested in our family and its history, and wanted to capture it for future generations.

Your thoroughness – I could see that you had done some independent research to fill in some of the historical context, e.g. finding a photo of a sod house, inserting explanations of terms. You engaged professional videographers to produce polished-looking interviews.

Your formatting – you assembled the host of photos and remembrances in an accessible way, so that with a “click” we could explore various parts of the family history—a specific person, a place, an event. You combined video interviews with printed information (photos and written memories) into a seamless narrative.

Your professional product – I was blown away by the classy box and flash drive that contained the finished story.

I hope other families will avail themselves of your skill and services!

Catherine Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota