After seeing the video Steve produced for my in-laws, I couldn’t wait to get his hands on my own parents’ treasure trove of family history and memories. I knew that by enlisting Family Legacy Video,Inc. we would receive a wonderful, beautifully produced, and content-rich video. What I didn’t fully appreciate was the extent to which Steve would capture the details, memories, and emotions that were unlocked all along the way. The final product is much, much more than the sum of its parts, and our family is so grateful for Steve’s production talent, as well as for his incredible ability to capture and distill deeply personal stories. In addition, Steve researched and uncovered images and video we had never even seen before! It was such a treat, for example, to watch a 13-second clip of my grandfather crossing the finish line at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, which Steve found buried in the International Olympic Committee’s Archives. A Family Legacy Video® is a gift that will keep giving for generations to come.

Ginna G., Sausalito, California