Paul Tumarkin, Tucson, Arizona

You did a wonderful job listening to what we wanted to produce, polling us for our creative ideas, and then running with it all to create a beautiful piece we’ll be proud to share with our family and friends. Now, we have this fantastic family treasure to remember our mom/grandmother/great-grandmother. Thanks, Steve, well done. Well done.

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Robbi Firestone, Tacoma, Washington

My Family Legacy Video ® is perhaps the most valuable possession I will ever own. It is an irreplaceable treasure for my children, my children’s children. In his video, my father speaks with candor and clarity for two hours about his life, telling stories I’ve never heard before and will treasure forever. I am touched beyond explanation for the gift Steve Pender has given us. My dad is the most beautiful man, and this heartfelt interview, woven exquisitely, makes my heart sing with joy and gratitude for our Family Legacy Video ® of the man who will always be my Daddy.

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Corolla Hoag, Mining Foundation of the Southwest, Tucson, Arizona

The Mining Foundation of the Southwest retained Steve Pender to prepare short biographical videos that quickly presented our honorees’ personal and professional stories while providing the historical and modern context for their achievements. The audience provided feedback to us indicating they found the segments to be interesting and engaging…a huge improvement from the dry introductions typical of award ceremonies. We plan to use Family Legacy Video in the future and are already thinking of how the videos for 2013 can be made even better.

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Danny Klaes, Houston, Texas

Steve, as you know, Charlie was a little hesitant at first to spend $20,000-plus on a video, but I will tell you it has been the best money ever spent. He is so excited about the video and each of his daughters and grandchildren will be presented a copy of the DVD on Thanksgiving Day. What a way to give thanks.

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Pat Alperti, Vail, Arizona

Steve, after viewing the video, it hit me so emotionally it has taken me two days to write to you. There are no words that I can say that would express to you what that video meant to me. Again I thank you with all my heart. My dad and mom were great parents, and your video proves my point. Thanks again.

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Valerie & Matthew Crow, Paradise Valley, Arizona

We are unbelievably grateful for the video that Family Legacy Video created for my father’s ninetieth birthday.  My husband and I have commented that giving Dad the video history of his fascinating life is among the most important things we have ever done — for us, for him and for our children. We were truly overwhelmed at the quality of what you produced.  From the careful creation of the questions you used to evoke Dad’s fondest memories and deepest emotions, to the amazing selection of maps, pictures, music and information you included, the video was worthy of the History channel or National Geographic!   Dad, with tears, could not stop thanking us for this gift.  He has had a need to tell his story for years; after watching the video, he was radiant with pride and satisfaction.  We feel that his legacy has been captured for generations to come and that we could not have given him a more meaningful gift.  In every way, this has turned out to be a wonderful experience for us, for Dad and for our entire extended family.

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Bill & Wilma Hansen, Tucson, Arizona

We were very pleased with every phase of the legacy video process. You were great and very helpful along the way. The crew who came to the house the day of the shoot were quite good at what they do, and they were fun people to have here. Out of all the material you had, we don’t know how you came up with such a well put-together finished product. We are very pleased, and, as promised, it is a great legacy to leave for our family. Thanks so very much, Steve.

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Connie Wilson, Lakeway, Texas

I haven’t received my Oscar yet but everyone has enjoyed and complimented Charlie and me for our history! Not only family but neighbors too, who insisted on watching it.

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Tamzin Sugiyama, Tucson, Arizona

I just watched my dad’s video and was very impressed. I know there was substantial editing, and it all came together beautifully. The photos were such a nice addition to the narrative.  The sound and lighting were perfect as well. I am so happy to have this history preserved, especially now that there is a little one on the way to appreciate it. One of the hidden benefits of this project was the search for family photos to include in the video. I really enjoyed looking through them all with my parents, and labeling them for future generations. What a treasure! I am so glad we did this now. My father has been so inspired that he has taken on a new project – he found boxes and boxes of slides in the basement of his Illinois home and has been scanning them. He’s really enjoying it and it’s been great to see those old photos too.

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Cindy Gayle, Houston, Texas

To value one’s origins is to value one’s life. This legacy video will provide each generation a better understanding of their roots.  It gave me a deeper appreciation of the trials and commitments my parents made during their lifetime.  Thanks, Mr. Pender, for making this video possible and thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your story.

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