George Tullock emigrated from Scotland to the U.S. in 1839. In this video biography clip, George’s great-granddaughter and a narrator reading from George’s diary describe his journey.
Running Time: 5 min. 54 sec.

Steve, We want to express our appreciation for the DVDs you made covering four generations of the Tullock family. They will be treasured by current generations and generations yet to come. You combined a trove of interviews, correspondence, diaries and photographs into a coherent whole. Not a small task. You also added further enhancements with music and a Scottish actor as the great-grandfather. To this add a professional cameraman and sound technician. The end product, three DVDs, covered almost two-hundred years in a most interesting way for those who have seen them. Thank you!
Mary Louise Tullock Gunderson & Bob Gunderson, Des Moines, Iowa