Locate U.S. Navy history ship photos at NavSource Naval History site.

I recently interviewed a WWII veteran who is a fellow member of my Rotary club. He was a Navy man during the war, serving as Executive Officer aboard a Landing Ship Medium (LSM), an amphibious craft he and his crew sailed all the way from the mainland United States to Okinawa. He didn’t have any photos of his ship, so I took it upon myself to try and locate an image or two. I fired up my computer, went online and searched the name of his LSM. In next to no time at all, I found a page dedicated to his ship at a site called NavSource Naval History. The page featured three photos of the LSM, which I forwarded to the vet (to his great delight).

NavSource Naval History is a volunteer-run site devoted to preserving naval history, in large part through a comprehensive collection of photos. Some of the shots were taken by U.S. government employees; others come from private collections. The site is a labor of love and offers a wealth of information. If you’re a naval history buff or would like to find images of a particular U.S. Navy ship, check out NavSource Naval History. Chances are, they’ll have what you’re looking for.

UPDATE – 7/2/17: Over the last few days, readers have been asking why the NavSource site is offline. I have no connection with NavSource and can’t answer that question. Let’s hope the problem is temporary. Steve Pender

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  1. i am trying to purchase some 8×10 photos of a submarine i served on. the uss bream ssk 243. i went to the nav source web site and found 2 or 3 pictures i’d like but it doesn’t show any way to purchase them, just thier source for the pics. can you help me out? thanks, ron brown.

  2. Due to my Dad being in the Navy during WW II, I’ve developed a love of military history. Through the yeears I’e collected some very cherished treasures. One is a metal cigarette box inscripted “From the officers of the USS Dentuda”. From what I have discovered is the Dentuda, a submarine was commanded by Senator McCain’s father & am trying to substanciate if he was the recepient. How would I do this?

  3. I’m trying to locate images of the USS Juliet, and the USS Hastings (was renamed from original “Emma Duncan”) – both with the Mississippi Marine Brigade sailing on the Mississippi and tributaries during the American Civil War. If actual photos are not available does anyone know how to obtain a diagram or cutaway model of either vessel?

  4. I have a clean broadside close-up photo of PCS 1449 taken in 1942-1945 probably coming in, or leaving, Key West Naval Station. Picture has 9 or 10 crew members clearly visible.

    Is anyone interested in photo?

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