Legacy Audio Biography™

Preserve, share and celebrate your life story with a Legacy Audio recording from Family Legacy Video.

  • • Are you camera-shy?
  • • Don’t have the budget for a higher-priced video?
  • • Do you simply prefer the spoken word?

Then Family Legacy Video’s Legacy Audio Biography™ is perfect for you!

Your voice. It’s your own unique sound; soulful, joyful, and just plain unforgettable. And now your voice can inspire and inform future generations of your family – through your very own Legacy Audio Biography™.

A Legacy Audio Biography™ features YOU, relating your personal life stories, family history and values, digitally recorded in a location of your choice. It’s a gift your family will cherish today – and a keepsake that will be treasured by generations to come.

Delivered on custom-printed audio CDs and/or custom-engraved flash drives.

Choose from two options:


Your interview, very lightly edited to remove long pauses, coughs, and sneezes.


  • • Stories organized by tracks
  • • 2 copies – on CDs and/or flash drives

What’s a Classic Legacy Audio Biography™ sound like? Here’s a sample:

Remembering Dad
Running Time: 1 min. 41 sec.


The ultimate Legacy Audio Biography™. Your interview, edited, paced and sequenced to create a easy-to-follow and entertaining narrative, enhanced with music and sound effects. Imagine a National Public Radio-style program featuring you or your family storyteller – that’s what our Premium Legacy Audio Biography™ is all about.


  • • Music from our extensive stock music library
  • • Sound effects
  • • Stories organized by tracks
  • • 5 copies – on CDs and/or flash drives

Listen to a Premium Legacy Audio Biography™ excerpt – then contact Family Legacy Video to get started on your own audio biography!

Cocker Spaniels & Canaries
Running Time: 2 min. 39 sec.