Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing my life stories on video is an intriguing idea. What options does Family Legacy Video® offer?
You can learn all about our video biography offerings on the Video Production Services page. And remember, all of our legacy video productions are customized to your wants and needs – so if you want something other than what you see offered, just ask!

Why should I hire Family Legacy Video?
The simple answer is: No one does it better. Family Legacy Video’s president, Steve Pender, is an accomplished, award-winning visual storyteller. He has over 45 years of experience crafting programs that entertain, inform and inspire – and a passion for preserving personal life stories on video. He’ll bring all his talents to bear on your legacy video, creating a wonderful video keepsake you, your family and friends will want to watch again and again. Learn more about Steve here. And please visit our testimonial page to read comments from some of Family Legacy Video’s many satisfied clients.

I’m a little nervous about starting what seems like such a big project. How do I begin?
First of all, don’t be nervous. Steve Pender will guide you each step of the way. The best way to start? Give Steve a call toll-free at 888.662.1294. He’ll explain the process to you and describe all of your options.

My stories are meant for my family – I don’t want them spread all over the Internet. What are your policies regarding privacy – and will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
We consider all the legacy videos our clients hire us to produce as “works for hire.” This means we don’t have any ownership rights to them, and that you determine who you allow to view your life stories. Family Legacy Video, Inc. will not use any portions of your legacy video for marketing or other purposes without your permission – and we include that guarantee in your contract. If you require a non-disclosure agreement, we will be happy to sign one.

When it comes to recording my stories, do I have to memorize everything I want to say and then give a speech?
No! Before the on-camera interview, Steve will chat with you, either face-to-face or over the phone, to learn your stories. He’ll then create a list of questions he’ll ask you while the cameras are rolling. The on-camera interview is basically a question and answer session between you and Steve. It’s a lot of fun – no memorizing needed!

Do I have to travel to your studio?
No. Steve and the Family Legacy Video® crew come to you. We specialize in recording interviews on-location – in your home or at your business.

How much does a legacy video cost?
You know the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” So we’ll be honest right up front. Family Legacy Video® creates highly-polished personal life story legacy productions and guarantees that you’ll look and sound your very best. The expertise and creativity we’ll bring to your video biography is unsurpassed. Our prices reflect that, so we may not be your least expensive option. That being said, we offer choices to fit a variety of budgets. Please give us a call to discuss pricing for your legacy video.

Can I see samples from video biographies created by Family Legacy Video®?
Of course. After all, seeing is believing! Please visit the Sample Video Clips page to view excerpts from some of the many video biographies Family Legacy Video® has produced. We think you’ll agree that, as they say in Hollywood, “The money is on the screen!”

I’m a bit camera-shy. Do you offer an alternative to video?
Absolutely. Our Legacy Audio Biography™ is exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re price sensitive, you’ll be happy to learn that audio biographies are less expensive than legacy videos.