Talkin’ Legacy Videos – Part 7

When it comes to Legacy Videos, you get what you pay for. In Part 7 of the “Talkin’ Legacy Videos” video series, Family Legacy Video’s Steve Pender details how the company’s devotion to quality factors into its current starting prices.

Every legacy video Family Legacy Video® creates is a custom production. The company works at a very high level to ensure that storytellers look and sound their very best. This includes makeup and taking great care with lighting and shot composition. In short, we do it right!

Family Legacy Video® never scrimps on an interview. What greatly impacts the final price is what’s done with that interview after it’s been shot. Simpler presentations mean less editing and a lower cost; highly-produced legacy videos require much more time and effort, resulting in a higher price tag.

Family Legacy Video® offers three starting levels: Q&A, Premium, and Deluxe. You can select one of these levels “as is” or modify it to meet your wants and needs.

Or, you can do something completely different!

To chat about your project and receive a custom price quote, contact Family Legacy Video® today!

Take a look at these legacy video samples.