Visiting the Cafe for the first time? Read this.

Welcome! If you’re new to the Cafe and to blogs, here’s some information that’ll help you.

First off, if all you want to do is read the posts, just click on the post titles. You’ll find the most recent posts on the main page. You can search for others in the archives.

You’ll notice that each post starts off with a short introduction. To read the entire post, click on the “Read more!” icon.

Like to leave a comment? It’s simple. You’ll notice a link under each post’s intro that says “comments.” There’ll be a number before “comments” that indicates how many comments have been left about a particular post. To add your comment, just click on this link. It’ll open up a comment window.

This isn’t the only comment link, however. As Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back, “There is another.” After you open a post, you’ll see a “Post A Comment” link below the body of the post. Clicking here opens the comment window as well.

You’ll see three identification options:

1. If you’re already a registered Blogger user, your Blogger ID is displayed. Or, if you want to register with Blogger, you can register at this point.

2. Choose “Other” to leave your name and a link to your Web site along with your post.

3. Choose “Anonymous” to leave a comment without having to leave your name or a link.

Pick one of these options, type your comment, press “Publish Your Comment” and your remarks are added.

Finally, if you’d like to e-mail the post to a friend or family member, click on the envelope icon at the bottom of the post. This will set up an e-mail containing the post. You just enter in the address of the person to whom you want to send the message, along with a short message of your own, and then send.

ONE MORE THING: To visit the Family Legacy Video Web site, just click here, or on the Family Legacy Video link under the “Links” heading on the right side of the home page.

That’s it! I hope these tips help make your stay in the Cafe a pleasant one.