Leave the editing to Family Legacy Video

I’ve recently received a number of phone calls and e-mails from potential customers who are already taping, or planning to tape, family video biographies. They’ve all asked the same thing: Can you edit our video for us?

The short answer: Yes. Here’s how it works.

First, we need to consult. I need to know your vision and your goals for your video. I also need to know what I have (or will have) to work with (interviews, stills, films, etc.). Knowing this allows me to give you an estimate of what the editing (or as professionals call it, postproduction) will cost. Keep in mind that the cost can rise if you decide to add or change things once the editing process begins.

Second, you need to provide your materials to Family Legacy Video in as organized a fashion as possible. Ideally, this means having selected the interview segments you’d like to use along with labeled photos or discs with scanned photos that are clearly named, along with notes as to where they go. We’ll also need to discuss music and titles. Family Legacy Video uses only music from our extensive music library (which you can screen online, if you wish).

Third, I’ll need to know how many copies you’d like, the format (DVD or VHS) of those copies and, if DVD, whether you’d like menus and chapters and a custom cover.

That’s it in a nutshell. I highly recommend that you purchase a copy of the Family Legacy Video Producer’s Guide on CD-ROM. It clearly steps you through the process of organizing and taping your project and preparing for postproduction. Remember, the more organized you are, the less time Family Legacy Video needs to spend in post – which will keep your cost as low as possible.