Family Legacy Videos Bring Families Together

Ever thought a video biography could bring a family closer together? Happily, the renewal of family relationships can be a fringe benefit of video biography project.

Yesterday I received a letter from a recent client telling me about the wonderful effect his mother’s video biography has had within his family. Here’s the first paragraph from the letter:

“To date we have distributed over thirty-five copies of my mother’s video to family members. We started with our close family, Mother’s younger sister and sister-in-law. After the word got out to the cousins, we were inundated with requests for videos from other family members. Mother’s only surviving sister, who is seventeen years younger, was not aware of the Washington adventures and many other items that the three older children had experienced. Mother and her sister are now much closer because of the video. Many nieces and nephews with whom she’d had little contact are now in touch with her again. Thank you for providing us with a Family Legacy Video that will be passed down and enjoyed by our family throughout the coming generations.”